Seismische Fernüberwachung geothermischer Kraftwerke mittels Arraytechnologien -

Seismological monitoring of geothermal power plants using array technologies (funded by BMWi).


Assembly and breakup of Gondwana –

seismological signatures in the lithosphere/asthenosphere system of Southern Madagascar (SELASOMA)

Collaboration with GFZ Potsdam (Frederik Tilmann, Xiaohui Yuan) and FU-Berli (Jörg Giese).


Seismic anisotropy and discontinuities of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system beneath La Réunion and the southern Mascarene Plateau

as part of the German-French RHUM-RUM project (www.rhum-rum.net).


Lithospheric structure and seismicity of the Rwenzori mountains as part of the Albertine rift system

as part of the DFG-funded RiftLink research group (www.riftlink.de)


Seismic monitoring in relation to deep geothermal projects within the northern Upper Rhinegraben (funded by BMU, BMWi).

Subduction-zone discontinuities and mantle deformation

Discontinuities and mantle deformation at subduction zones of  South America and Indonesia


Wölbern, I. Löbl. U. & Rümpker, G., 2014, Crustal origin of trench-parallel shear-wave fast polarizations in the Central Andes, Earth Planet.Sci. Lett., 392, 230-238, (doi).


Regional Phase Attenuation Across the Zagros:

A detailed investigation of Regional Phase Amplitude Behavior Across a Plate Boundary

Collaboration with University of Missouri (Eric Sandvol)