FDCON, a 2D Finite Difference Convection code for multi-compositional, two-phase flow thermo-chemical convection. Available on request (schmeling@geophysik.uni-frankfurt.de)

FDCON solves the conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy for

  • Rayleigh - Benard thermal convection
  • Compositional convection (diapirism, Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities)
  • Two-phase flow melt-solid systems (melt segregation with compaction)


  • Temperature-, pressure-, stress-dependent visco-plastic rheology
  • Anisotropic viscosity
  • Porosity dependent matrix viscosity
  • Phase changes
  • Binary solid solution melting-freezing law with depletion/enrichment
  • Sedimentation/erosion
  • Free surface invoking the sticky air approach
  • Finite strain calculations


  • Marker in cell advection with predictor-corrector Runge Kutta 4th order
  • ADI with successive upwind for temperature equation
  • Matrix velocity decomposition into irrotational potential and div-free stream function
  • Biharmonic equation formulation for momentum equation


Computing resources

Blades cluster

The 6X local cluster of the geodynamics group consists of 8+2 blades. These blades are the compute nodes of the cluster. The machine can be used for :

- distributed memory parallel computing

- shared memory parallel computing

- scalar computing

The cluster is designed for batch and Interactive operation.